The clone that wasn't

Can two designers come up with the exact same idea, entirely by accident?

When fashion is frightening

Nintendo's Style Savvy: Trendsetters is one of the scariest games I've ever played

In Bloodborne's brutal world, I found myself

I've always wanted to know the difference between perseverance and masochism. This is the game that taught me.

Feelings machines: games that capture a moment

ceMelusine makes small, simple virtual spaces that feel as unknowable and vast as the human heart

You're a slice of bread that desperately wants to toast itself

There's a secret desire that lingers in the heart of every loaf of bread: to burn. MORE

I can't wait for this Finnish summer death car game

My Summer Car is an upcoming game about building your own vehicle in the reputedly "hot, hot, hot" Finnish summer. It also promises absurd difficulty, lots of death, and all-important physics bugs. Listen to a man with a wonderful accent show you a weirdly-compelling experience: MORE

Who doesn't miss '90s horror games?

Ah, the tech and the aesthetics of 1990s games. The terrible framerates, indistinct faces and rough edges seem eerie today, perfectly recalling the horror games of a bygone age. If you miss it too, you really need to watch this: MORE

This rad Dark Souls remix will save you from the forces of the abyss

One way to trick your 'gamer' friends into listening to better music is to get them started on remixes of video game songs done by cool people. Laura has posted about that hot Hitmane remix of Juicy J with Saria's Song, and today I give you Torahhorse taking a crack at Dark Souls' "Great Gray Wolf Sif." MORE

Fun video game fashion critiques for the style-conscious

Most people don't often think about video game fashion—you mean a plaid shirt and a Zelda triforce tee, right? but Offworld contributor Gita Jackson has a delightful eye for clothing detail, like the zombie-spattered denim of Resident Evil's Claire Redfield. MORE

This 'numerical sledding game' is like Skifree, but with math

If you like math, puzzles or winter sports, you need to play Sinerider, a sledding game where you transform the slope with math equations. MORE

Armel Gibson makes short games that feel like music videos

Playing with the short games of French creator Armel Gibson is a bit like interacting with a music video. If you're like me and you spent hours of the 1990s falling down weird late-night rabbit holes of shape and sound on late night video blocs, you should look into his works. MORE

This magical witch puzzle game is really 'charming'

Charmixy: Witch Academy instantly captured my heart today -- must have been a love spell. The PC and mobile puzzle-dueling game has really cute art and music, plus some refreshing characters and what looks to be a flexible character creator. MORE

A young black girl is the hero of this magical, animated story

The Book of Mojo started as an "urban fantasy" webcomic, the tale of a young black girl named Creepy who practices street magic and encounters a seven-foot, living artifact named Mojo. MORE

You'll want to poke this doomsday device

You're left alone at a battered, mysterious console, a flickering urban display on the greenscale monitor before you. There is just one big, red button within your reach. After briefly wrestling with yourself, you press it. Pressing it causes a switch to emerge from the console. MORE

Is drug use a problem for eSports?

Cyber-athletes and their stim-packs -- it sounds so future-dystopic, but it might be a thing. MORE

Reddit's hot 'button' game is practically religious

Big groups can do amazing things with surprisingly few implements, and internet communities can spontaneously become collaborative experience designers. Redditors are playing a new game of sorts with themselves and each other involving a color-changing button and a timer, and the emergent memes are weird and glorious. MORE

7 cool text games with less than 300 words

The recent Twiny Jam, which challenged anyone and everyone to create their own tiny Twine text game in 300 words or less, has revealed the merit of constraint: The idea was to lower the hurdles to making games for those daunted by the idea, a category that previously included me. MORE

Play it now: Jostle Parent

As I understand it, being the parent of children is consistently terrifying -- like herding cats, except suddenly minor environmental conveniences, like power outlets and stairs and cars, suddenly turn lethal. Everything is to be either managed with your last shredded nerve or avoided. MORE

Wander through Doom like an endless nightmare

Ever play a video game so often that it shows up in your dreams? That's the idea behind Doomdream, an interactive experience created by Ian MacLarty to simulate what his own dreams look like after he's been playing the classic 1993 shooter Doom all day. MORE