How we developed a black woman protagonist who mattered

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Video games without people of color are not 'neutral'

The myth of white neutrality persists in the world of gaming, where black characters in fantasy games can be deemed less "realistic" than dragons.

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Play a game whose entire source code fits in a tweet

Tiny Twitch pushes the limits of smallness and simplicity, with code so teeny tiny that you can tweet it. MORE

Play it now: DOLLY

With its smokelike terrain, salmon sun and blood-flecked landscapes, DOLLY is a visually-striking platformer that seems to take place inside a woman's head. MORE

Let this creepy potato be your desktop assistant

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Mobile game of the week: You Must Build a Boat

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Play it now: Operations Calibration Droid (OCD)

You're a cute little droid being told by a beautiful computer to perform increasingly difficult, strangely-specific tasks. Each of them requires attention to detail, and you'll be deactivated if you can't manage it. MORE

Sonic the Hedgehog is pretty slow in real life

I'm kind of surprised at myself for being drawn to this video of a real-life hedgehog lumbering cutely through a little handmade Green Hill Zone. I thought Sonic fans had put me off hedgehogs. MORE

Use emoji to make your own playful worlds

The charming visual language and textured, 90s web-era sounds of Emotica make it delightful to create and share your own game spaces made entirely out of emoji. MORE

Nintendo's new Fire Emblem game will have same-sex marriage

The times they are a-changing, even at the venerable Japanese video game publisher. MORE

Boo at the Confederate flag til it burns. It'll probably make you feel better

In BooFlag, just switch on your computer mic and boo at the Confederate flag. As you do, it will slowly be lowered, and eventually it will catch on fire and burn to a little pile of ash. Is it all happening too slowly? MORE

Typoman: a platform game where one letter changes everything

What's the difference between RUSHING past a dangerous trap and it CRUSHING you to a pulp? Just a tiny sliver of alphabet. MORE

Katamari Damacy creator's new game is about blowing up your friends

A lot of games are about explosions, but rarely is it this joyful and whimsical to make people explode. MORE

This racing game forces you to text while driving

You have 10 seconds to read and respond to every text message you get behind the wheel. After all, you wouldn't want to be rude. MORE

The new Animal Crossing game will let you choose your skin tone

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You sure do die a lot in this princess simulator game

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Superhypercube for Project Morpheus brings the puzzle game into virtual reality

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