The unreal-time strategy of Experimental Gameplay darling Achron

By Brandon Boyer

The game that's getting the biggest buzz from this year's GDC Experimental Gameplay Sessions? Christopher Hazard and Michael Resnick's Achron, which -- contrary to (my) first impression -- isn't a typo of the classic EA board/strategy game, but is instead a "meta-time strategy game."

That is to say it makes Braid's back-and-forth-scrubbing time manipulations look like baby business next to its own essentially asynchronous (in every respect) multiplayer strategy. The video above gives a general idea how a multiplayer game might operate -- with the ability to manipulate your troops within a window of each time-wave and erase potential mistakes -- and is the only gameplay instruction in which you'll hear a developer refer to "when your enemy is" without skipping a beat.

More info on and more videos of the game are available at the official Achron site.

Achron - Time Travel is Coming [Hazardous Software]