HCUFS & VMACHIN: the unlikely combo that brought down Scribblenauts

By Brandon Boyer

'Brought down's obviously an overstatement, but the Occam's Razor trouble with creating a game in which players can do "anything" is that they'll use that anything to skirt the obstacles you place in their way.

In Scribblenauts's case, it's an innocuous pair of handcuffs and a vending machine, the former of which can be attached to the level-goal collectible Starites, stuffed wholesale into the machine, and then dragged back wholesale to wherever you stand, where it will handily dispense your win-condition free of charge.

Luckily, with no online ranking or competitive aspect to speak of, the exploit does nothing but defeat and deflate your own pleasure with the game, should you choose to use it, but it'll be interesting to see if developer 5th Cell respond with more than a smirking shrug over the coming weeks.