Retro Remakes flipside: Demaking modern games

By Brandon Boyer


The other side to the Retro Remake phenomenon is, of course, the demake (a term, I've just found out via Wikipedia, was coined by Polytron's Phil Fish): taking a modern game and simulating it as if through retro tech.

We've covered (or spawned) a number of these via Offworld in the past: the best examples of which are Kent 'SnowBro' Hansen and Andreas Pedersen's NES Guitar Hero game D+Pad Hero, Bill Meltsner's text adventure version of the same, Champion of Guitars, and CymonGames' ASCIIPortal, a game just released for PC and Mac.

In late 2008, though, the TIGSource Indie Massiv held a Bootleg Demakes competition, the results of which are reams (or, more appropriately, a 200+ meg torrent) of fantastic work: visit their site for more demakes than you can handle, including Oracle's NES-ish version of Aquaria at top.