Fallout Shelter makes you shut tiny, happy people underground in a nuclear wasteland

Leigh Alexander

This is a really clever little tie-in game, but it makes me feel really bad. Read the rest

A brief history of yarn in video games

Laura Hudson

A charming game called Unravel stood out at E3 2015. But before that, there was the Nintendo Knitting Machine, and you've been missing out. Read the rest

The only things you really need to know about Microsoft's E3 press event

Leigh Alexander

Annual video game press conferences are often an assault on the senses, and on taste. We found the cool stuff for you. Read the rest

Why would you spend $3000 on Clash of Clans?

Leigh Alexander

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and financially-successful mobile games of all time—it might have earned $1.8bn in 2014 alone. But with stats showing few people actually make purchases in free-to-play games, how do games like these get their hooks into big-spending "whales"? Read the rest

Kids can build their own games with this nifty block toy

Leigh Alexander

Bloxels lets kids design playable spaces using physical blocks on a grid—that can then be captured by a tablet device and translated into a real digital game. The creator, Pixel Press, says it's like "coding with Lego." Read the rest

This American Indian Dungeons and Dragons lets you weave powerful stories

Daniel Starkey

Ehdrigor, a game created by a black, American Indian game designer, gently reflects the Native experience, and how that approach to storytelling differs from Western narratives. Read the rest

Now everyone will be able to make their very own Doom maps and mods

Leigh Alexander

Creativity and Doom have gone hand in hand for decades—the first user-created level appeared in 1994—and now the new game will come with fresh, easy-to-use mod tools. Read the rest

Impress your demanding Russian in-laws in this cute, weird game

Leigh Alexander

Surviving family dinners can feel like a gauntlet at the best of times, especially when it's your potential in-laws. Read the rest

Play the number puzzle that launched a thousand clones, now free

Leigh Alexander

One year after the puzzling and provocative Threes cloning controversy—where free clones ultimately reached many more players than the premium original—the developers are offering a new free, ad-supported version of the game. Read the rest

This game sheds light on human rights abuses in Azerbaijan

Leigh Alexander

The first European Games are kicking off in Baku, Azerbaijan. This tiny web browser game stands in protest, highlighting the unlawful detention of political prisoners in the country. Read the rest

Hamlet is way funnier as a choose-your-own-adventure game

Laura Hudson

Step into the shoes of Hamlet, Ophelia, or Hamlet Sr. in To Be or Not to Be, a laugh out loud funny interactive tale that you'll want to play again and again. Read the rest

You can start making your own games today. Yes, you!

Leigh Alexander

There's a new, great resource-gathering tool designed for folks new to game-making. Here's why you should check it out. Read the rest

This hilarious topical guessing game is ten bucks and fits in your pocket

Leigh Alexander

One of my favorite social card games is offering you something new. Read the rest

What games must learn from children's books

Anna Anthropy

A designer studies her favorite works of play and picture to explain what's missing from many modern video games Read the rest

Wouldn't it be great if Ellen Ripley from Alien was your therapist?

Leigh Alexander

Think through trauma and anxiety in a therapy group of film "final girls." Read the rest

This game will make your morning coffee seem kind of scary

Leigh Alexander

Keurig coffee machines, with their clunking lever, digital menu and environmentally-hazardous pods, are already kind of creepy—and that's even before you're hooked on their precious, precious dark caffeine. Read the rest

Program a strange, corrupted computer and discover its secrets

Laura Hudson

It's the assembly language puzzle game that nobody asked for! Read the rest

Treat yourself to a playful series of mysterious packages

Leigh Alexander

The Mysterious Package Company will send you or a friend weird surprises that slowly form a story over time. Read the rest

Explore worlds generated by poems

Leigh Alexander

Astaeria is a "first-person poetry visualizer" by Emma—select a poem, and an abstract world of colors and shapes blossoms around that poem, with procedurally-generated music. Read the rest

How hip hop can teach you to code

Shareef Jackson

The artist may change, but the template remains the same Read the rest

Our favorite Splatoon memes, straight from the Miiverse

Leigh Alexander

"Mom left us at Best Buy :(" Read the rest

Play it now: You Are A Hoverboard

Leigh Alexander

You Are A Hoverboard, by Chris Wade, is a few loveable steps beyond your usual physics toy: It's a world where animal friends open their hearts to help you out, and everything is going to be okay. Read the rest

Longtime woman game dev on being a 'cultural fit'

Leigh Alexander

Laralyn McWilliams has been in the video game business for half her life, and shares thoughtful insights on the invisible but implicit bill of cultural rules that still govern the industry. Read the rest

Sweet, sleepy days ahead for fans of farming sims

Leigh Alexander

World's Dawn is a charming tribute to a beloved genre. Read the rest

I didn't like shooting games. Then I fell in love with Splatoon

Laura Hudson

Nintendo's colorful, joyful new squid kid splatterfest is fresh as heck Read the rest

This cat tower defense game is bananas

Laura Hudson

So far as I can tell, The Battle Cats is a deeply weird game about helping cats destroy the world. Read the rest

#GamesSoWhite hashtag attempts conversation about race in games, and goes as well as you'd expect

Leigh Alexander

People on Twitter are using the #GamesSoWhite hashtag to start conversations about whiteness as "default" in video games and fantasy in general. They're brave. Read the rest

Home is where the future of games is

Leigh Alexander

Forget about the wasteland for a while. The best new games are set inside the places where you live. Read the rest

Get in on this indie music rhythm shooter

Leigh Alexander

There're just a couple days left to back LOUD on Planet X, a music game about fighting aliens that features the work of artists like Purity Ring, Tegan and Sara, Metric and others. Read the rest

Wander around a psychedelic garden and get totally blissed out

Laura Hudson

Early on in the exploration game Gardenarium, a woman informs you that "you are on a quest to win." This is a lie. Read the rest