Play it now: RadOS

Leigh Alexander

Billed as a "modern horror experience", RadOS summons the simultaneously hilarious and nightmarish circumstance of cursing softly at a bright, gooey GUI as you struggle desperately against losing everything. Read the rest

Why do deer run into traffic, anyway?

Leigh Alexander

Infinideer is a weird little diversion made for the tenth annual Toronto game jam: You are a deer, you gallop into traffic, and you have to cause as much wreckage as you can before you die grossly, which is inevitable. Read the rest

How making video games can destroy lives

Laura Hudson

Why are nightmarish hours and constant unpaid overtime considered normal in the world of video games? Read the rest

This excellent zombie exercise game is now free to play

Laura Hudson

I haven't always loved running, but thanks to Zombies, Run, I can't stop. Read the rest

Play this game by breaking Battletoads

Laura Hudson

When a game glitches, is it broken—or just opening a door into an unexpected new game? Read the rest

Solve an occult mystery with two cake-selling trans women in this interactive Twitter story

Laura Hudson

Starting at 11 am today, you can help choose the path of this New Orleans adventure with your tweets. Read the rest

Wrong notes and syntax errors: The joy of improv in music and code

Maddy Myers

What can thinking like musicians teach us about game-making? Read the rest

Forget the Jem and the Holograms movie, just read the comic

Laura Hudson

Based on the trailer, the Jem and the Holograms movie looks incredibly disappointing. It's ok. You don't need it. Read the excellent new Jem comic book instead. Read the rest

Could this beautiful game signal the end of our dystopia fetish?

Leigh Alexander

Over the past decade or so, gritty, apocalyptic worlds were the favored setting of popular video games, and machinelike cyber-dystopias were a reliable aesthetic before that. But No Man's Sky, a highly-anticipated upcoming world, is infinite and hopeful. Read the rest

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is forever

Leigh Alexander

Why the classic game still commands so much love (and money) Read the rest

Pokemon ghosts are still fashionable, still spooky

Leigh Alexander

If you have a fond memory for Pokemon games, you'll remember that Lavender Town tends to be where all the ghost stories can be found. Somewhat famously, Lavender Town is also the source of a great work of creepypasta—now it is the inspiration for a great handmade outfit. Read the rest

Castlevania director tortures a dude in Kickstarter video for new game

Laura Hudson

Koji Igarashi, the father of Castlevania, just launched a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to the classic gothic horror games, and the accompanying video is bonkers. Read the rest

The thrill of cleaning in video games

Leigh Alexander

For lots of commercial games, being able to spatter the walls with viscera or to leave a mess of smashed barrels and crates behind is part of the abandon. But aren't people often just as driven by the urge to clean up? Read the rest

Why are the stories in video games so bad?

Leigh Alexander

People often say they are enthusiastic about games because "they can tell stories", or because they enable narrative moments not possible in other media. But although there are numerous flashes of brilliance in games, this potential often feels like something they circle, but never attain. Read the rest

Jamiroquai Game is a game about being Jamiroquai

Laura Hudson

Remember the "Virtual Insanity" music video where Jamiroquai's lead singer slid around the room on conveyor belts? What if that were an action game like Frogger? Wonder no longer. Read the rest

Your cyberpunk games are dangerous

Jon Peterson

How roleplaying games and fantasy fiction confounded the FBI, confronted the law, and led to a more open web Read the rest

Get ready to blindfold your friends in this neat local multiplayer game

Leigh Alexander

Smartphones and tablets have been great for games, but are much-maligned for the antisocial act of screen-staring. Luckily, games like Glitchnap's Sentree can help all your friends play together, with just a couple of devices. Read the rest

Can you please stop with Cards Against Humanity

Leigh Alexander

If you like card games and board games even a little bit, chances are you know Cards Against Humanity—it's the most popular 'thing' of its kind, having earned like $12 million bucks. Which sucks, because it's awful. Read the rest

I've been texting with an astronaut

Laura Hudson

How a surprising iPhone and Apple Watch bestseller is pushing the boundaries of fiction Read the rest

Everyone loves this delightful alphabet for all ages

Leigh Alexander

Do you have young ones at home? Or do you simply live in a world where language and phonetics are touchable, colorful, dreamlike living things? Either way, be sure you have not missed Metamorphabet. Read the rest

This poor kid was forced to play an indie game in school

Leigh Alexander

Dejobaan Games' Elegy for a Dead World is a beautiful game—as you navigate endless, lonesome interstellar landscapes, you fill in writing prompts. It's flexible and gentle, a good tool for getting your creativity flowing. And it's lots of fun to sabotage. Read the rest

I love my untouchable virtual body

Aevee Bee

Violent games can be excellent metaphors for interpersonal conflict. Read the rest

Sleepovers get brutal in this free pillow fighting game

Laura Hudson

Even if you're not a fan of fighting games, you should try Bed✰hogg, a game about beating another child in the face with a pillow. Read the rest

Miyazaki films reimagined as woodblock prints

Laura Hudson

The stars of Hayao Miyazaki's films recede into the background in a series of prints inspired by Japanese woodblock artist Kawase Hasui. Read the rest

Offbeat, girly games that pay tribute to a pioneer

Leigh Alexander

In the mid-1990s, Theresa Duncan's works went beyond just 'games for girls' -- charming games like Chop Suey, Smarty and Zero Zero were rueful and unusual, with a distinct Gen X flavor, portraying young womanhood in all its weirdness and touching complexity. The pioneering Duncan died in 2007, but now there's a new group of […] Read the rest

Somewhere a mountain is shouting your tweets

Laura Hudson

On a distant digital hillside, two mountains are yelling your Twitter updates at each other in deep, sonorous voices. Read the rest

Edutainment failed me

Aroon Karuna

I wish they'd just teach Bloodborne in schools. Read the rest

Play it now: Traveler

Leigh Alexander

Traveler is a nuanced and touching text game about... finding where you belong? It's an abstract space travel adventure, where you drift among planets with an eye on your ever-falling system gauges, thinking about your home, your family, your mission. Read the rest

Was the world's oldest deck of cards any fun?

Leigh Alexander

The oldest complete deck of cards in the world is from the distinctly-unhappy 15th century, and lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Cloisters location. The oblong cards are nifty-looking—but what would people play with them? Read the rest

TODAY: Buy a bundle of wonderful games, send money to Baltimore kids

Leigh Alexander

The Devs With Baltimore bundle contains independently-made games "donated by their authors in support of the Baltimore Algebra Project and in solidarity with protesters resisting antiblack state/police violence and white supremacy." It's available til a minute before midnight EST today, May 4, so get it now. Read the rest