Emotional labor, the Kardashian way

Leigh Alexander

We talk a lot about women, work and emotional labor these days—how do women-focused career games like Diner Dash or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood factor into the conversation? Read the rest

Creepy 1960s board game for girls included shame tokens

Leigh Alexander

Be careful you don't get branded as overweight or a slow thinker; be ready for dating by age 11, and always answer the clarion call of the mall's command in some of the most unsettling old board games for girls. Read the rest

It's kind of like Her Story, but with a disgruntled owl game developer

Leigh Alexander

Interrogate video footage of an aging game developer owl and solve the mystery of whatever it is he's trying to say. Try the search terms "cocaine", "murder" and "ubisoft." Read the rest

Offworld Monday Reflection: Living card games, white whales and digital bonsai trees

Laura Hudson

Monday returns with yet another a satellite transmission from Offworld, highlighting our favorite features and games from last week, as well as the stories throughout the galaxy that got us talking Read the rest

Women take a place at the pinball table

Laura Hudson

What happens when female players slam tilt their way into the bright, loud world of pinball? Read the rest

Sisyphus is very excited about cheevos

Laura Hudson

Pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity has never felt so rewarding. Read the rest

Whoa, someone replicated the spooky hallway from P.T. in Unity

Leigh Alexander

Calgary-based aspiring game developer Farhan Qureshi has meticulously modeled and recreated P.T's hallway using the low-impact Unity tool. It's an amazing technical achievement, and a chance for some edition of that iconic space to exist in a fashion everyone can visit. Read the rest

Want to design a room escape game?

Leigh Alexander

The increasing popularity of room escape games brings with it some interesting design considerations. How do you lock all your friends in a room and force them to solve cryptoquotes and make sure everyone still has a good time? Read the rest

Create a whole landscape from your own webcam

Leigh Alexander

Of course, when I turned the webcam on at first, it was pointing at me, and I found myself wandering into a swollen-cheeked land where some cloud formation of my own face, eyes slowly blinking, constituted the sky. Read the rest

Invisibility Blues: Help open up the conversation about race in games

Laura Hudson

A new video series hopes to explore role of people of color in games, from the best characterizations to the worst, and everything in between. Read the rest

Secret of Qwerty is a 'typing RPG' that will steal your whole afternoon

Leigh Alexander

Cross Typing of the Dead with Dragon Warrior and the result is Secret of Qwerty, an old-school RPG where you fight mean trees and ghosts and things by typing at them. Read the rest

The other side of Braid

Liz Ryerson

In this deeply-personal postmortem of her game Problem Attic, Liz Ryerson explores her relationship to iconic indie darling Braid—and what the game may say about the culture of development. Read the rest

Touching someone's heart isn't easy in Tough Love Machine

Laura Hudson

Figuring out how to connect with another human being is often a puzzle. Read the rest

What happens when your virtual pets die?

Leigh Alexander

GHOSTZ, nested in sincere reflections on the virtual pet heyday of the 1990s, imagines caring for a digital pet's ghost. This can include offering it a bone from its former form ("DISRESPECTFUL") or punishing it with holy water. Read the rest

Avoid your job in this pleasantly oddball game

Leigh Alexander

The objective of NEVER GO TO WORK is in its title: Your alarm goes off just after 6 AM, and it's time to get to the office. Except arriving there ends the game, and you don't really want to go to work, anyway. You are Agenesia, disgruntled and harboring a crush on your unreliable bus […] Read the rest

Play it now: Claw Champion Earth

Leigh Alexander

Battle other kids for dominance over the weirdest and most annoying game in the whole arcade. Read the rest

Swipe right to discover a new indie game

Laura Hudson

With over 16,000 indie games available on Itch.io, it can be hard to figure out what to play. But thanks to the Randomizer, finding a new game is as easy as swiping right. Read the rest

Terrorize the seas as the white whale of Moby Dick, but with lasers

Laura Hudson

Did you enjoy Ecco the Dolphin, but wish it had allowed you to commit mass murder? Then Pequod might be for you. Read the rest

Mobile game of the week: Prune

Leigh Alexander

Prune is a simple but elegant "digital bonsai" game. It's about trees stretching their limbs slowly toward the light, and how sometimes you must trim parts for the betterment of the whole. Read the rest

Offworld Monday Reflection: Desert wars, desert horror, and Encarta on acid

Leigh Alexander

I've had an exceptionally good time of games the past week or so. It's been like crawling around inside other people's imaginations. Come along and hear about our best stuff lately! Read the rest

How card games became cool again

Kim Nguyen

Wildly-popular card game Android: Netrunner has an exceptionally diverse and inviting lore and universe, but its community of players still has to push back against the social stereotypes of the traditional card game scene. Here's how they're doing it. Read the rest

These cute virtual cartridges prove 'retro' is more than an aesthetic

Leigh Alexander

There's a feeling about old arcade games: The weirdness, the mystery, the sense of intimate congress with a machine. You can't imitate that through 'pixel art' alone, and this fun suite of virtual cartridges gets it exactly right. You'll want to collect them all. Read the rest

A game about imagined conversations with your ex

Leigh Alexander

You're a totally different person now than you were then, and now there's probably some things you kind of want to explain to them, lingering memories you still feel bad about, things like that. Read the rest

Play it now: The Old Man Club

Leigh Alexander

Well, this little "The Old Man and the Sea" adaptation, starring brawny arm-wrestlers with fish heads, is brilliant. Read the rest

Now you can date pigeons on almost any platform

Leigh Alexander

As I write this, one of the city pigeons that has cruelly overtaken our little bird feeder is cooing in a raw, almost threatening way. I guess you ought to check out this game. Read the rest

This subtle desert horror fiction will haunt you

Leigh Alexander

As you traverse a sparse, meditative desert, you collect the fragments of a strange memoir murmuring against the air, drawing you ever closer to the stark shape of a great pyramid. Read the rest

Stephen Colbert made a text adventure about getting locked in a closet

Laura Hudson

Stephen Colbert's new Late Show gig doesn't start till September, so what's he doing in the meantime? According to this game released by his official website, the answer is "stumbling into a closet." Read the rest

These surreal, unforgettable little works will expand your concept of 'games'

Leigh Alexander

Now is a better time than ever to get acquainted with the prolific, unique works of Jack King-Spooner, whose numerous vignettes combine surreal, textured visual collages and abstract themes with a smooth, easy dream logic. Read the rest

Stay Woke Bot helps activists explain racism to Twitter randos

Laura Hudson

Because talking about race on Twitter is an exhausting proposition, unless you are a robot. Read the rest

War without tears

Maxwell Neely-Cohen

The relationship between video games and violence is healthier than we like to think Read the rest