Get romantic with tentacle monsters

Critical Distance

This week, our partnership with Critical Distance brings us a preview of consensual tentacle sex game Consentacle and a new documentary series on women in games. Read the rest


Become a vigilante superhero in this interactive tale about wealth inequality

Laura Hudson

Vigilante superhero tales tend to revolve around seeking justice outside of a failed system, and the idea that one man or woman can cause real change within that system by punching people. In short, they are fantasies, and popular in part because they suggest impossibly simple solutions to complex problems. In Cape, an interactive fiction […] Read the rest


This game about a lazy crow running a seedy hotel is really delightful

Laura Hudson

In the charming platform game Crowtel, you're a crow running a seedy hotel, and you're not very good at it. Well, really you're just lazy—not living up to your potential, as your crow teachers doubtless used to say—and as a result your not-so-fine establishment is looking pretty crusty indeed when the feline health inspectors show […] Read the rest


Can you solve all 100 of these stylish, simple puzzles?

Leigh Alexander

It's low-key; solving one hundred of these feels like an attainable goal. I mean, probably. Try it. Read the rest


This webcomic about a Polish girl is actually an Instagram account

Laura Hudson

Regina, or 1995Regi, as she calls herself on Instagram, is a Polish girl who likes selfies, science fiction, and Drake. She's also the creation of artist Katarzyna Witerscheim, who dreamed Regina up as a cross between a slice-of-life webcomic and a roleplaying game, which you read and interact with through her illustrated selfies on social […] Read the rest


Explore the solar system in an immortal transhumanist body

Laura Hudson

The space exploration game Sun Dogs comes with a promising description: "Sun Dogs is about exploring our inner solar system, altering your body, and embracing death." After playing, I deem it accurate. Read the rest


Two songs and a burned-out record store create this cool little game about a man with a past

Leigh Alexander

Llaura DreamFeel is an independent developer who has a unique sense of structure, and Istanbul, Texas is a simple but deep work. Read the rest

maxresdefault (1)

Why games need to stop letting everyone save the world

Critical Distance

This week, our partnership with Critical Distance brings us a look inside the cheerful pacifist adventure game Undertale as well as Life is Strange's final chapter. Kill Screen's Frances Chiem argues that the “gut punch” of futility in Life is Strange’s conclusion is effective because it transcends genre cliches. Protagonist Max doesn’t get to be […] Read the rest


Why Bob Ross is the perfect gamer hero

Leigh Alexander

Could this gentle painting teacher have posthumously inspired a generation of gamers to try art? Read the rest


The Japanese cat collecting game Neko Atsume is finally in English

Laura Hudson

Cat collectors rejoice: the cult favorite mobile game Neko Atsume has finally made its way to Android—and soon, to iOS—in English under the name Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. Read the rest


Explore a mysterious hard drive and reconstruct a broken world

Laura Hudson

There's something a little mysterious about the programs you can find in strange corners of the internet, and doubly so if you happen to find them in the bowels of someone else's computer. Read the rest


Get this witchy roleplaying game collection, support a good cause

Leigh Alexander

Four women tabletop designers have put together a collection of four short pen and paper roleplaying games for $10—with a portion of the proceeds going to support the cancer treatment of a friend in the RPG community. Read the rest

Ellen Rose /  icklenellierose on YouTube

What makes someone a 'girl gamer'?

Critical Distance

In her recent video project, Latoya Peterson explores the label "girl gamer". Meanwhile, Kevin Nguyen has a hypothesis about the "Jonathan Franzen of video games." Read the rest


This cyberpunk murder mystery looks lovely, but feels incomplete

Laura Hudson

I was ready to love Murder from the moment the game opened on a female police lieutenant waking from a rain-soaked cyberpunk nightmare about murderous robots, and walking out on her balcony to smoke a cigarette over the light-spattered skyscrapers of Future Tokyo. "Yes," I thought, "I'm in." Sadly, I spoke a little too soon. […] Read the rest


Meet the secret new horror mistress of video games

Leigh Alexander

The delicate, literary works of Kitty Horrorshow are some of my favorite discoveries of 2015. Read the rest


An adventure game you play without ever leaving Twitter

Laura Hudson

If you like adventure games and have a few minutes to spare, the latest creation of Leon Chang should be your next distraction—and you don't even have to leave Twitter to play it. Just watch the animated GIFs, and click on the links to make important, heroic choices about whether or not to pet cats, […] Read the rest


Take control of a giant fungus by carefully destroying it

Laura Hudson

As concepts for games go, this is a new one: propelling a regenerating fungus through a long series of puzzles by surgically destroying it and forcing it to regrow. And it works. Mushroom 11 is one of the more fascinating reinventions of the platform game in recent memory, the sort of game that feels new […] Read the rest


Human Resource Machine will teach you to program and it will be adorable

Laura Hudson

It's easy to feel like an automaton in the world of modern office labor. The game Human Resource Machine takes that one step further, by imagining an office building that functions like an actual computer. You're an office worker who has just started working in this tower of commerce, and in order to do your […] Read the rest


How games are keeping traditional symphony orchestras in business

Critical Distance

Read about the surprising role games are playing in sustaining symphony orchestras, one woman's struggle in a toxic industry, and how a player discovered their sexuality in Borderlands. Read the rest


Can diverse character art invite you into a game genre you normally avoid?

Leigh Alexander

Strategy games can be forbidding, but these striking character designs send a considered message of welcome. Read the rest


Aurion imagines a new history for Africa, free of its imperial past

Laura Hudson

Investors may have balked, the internet at large has proved more open-minded about opening the wallet. Read the rest


The residents of the 'real Silent Hill' want you to leave them alone

Leigh Alexander

Centralia, PA has been on fire for 53 years, and now it's been dubbed the spiritual home of a deeply-creepy horror series. Read the rest


Are any of your favorites in this awesome game curation?

Leigh Alexander

If you can read this list and not have played a single one, what are you even doing? Read the rest


Take an interactive look inside an anxious brain with Neurotic Neurons

Laura Hudson

What our brains learn, they can also unlearn—including what makes us anxious. That's the idea behind Neurotic Neurons, an interactive work by Nicky Case that explores the neuroscience of anxiety, and particularly the theory of Hebbian learning, wherein "neurons that fire together, wire together" and create associations in the mind. Read the rest


Let's talk more about The Beginner's Guide, a game about games

Critical Distance

This week, our partnership with Critical Distance brings us further discussion on one of the most interesting works of game criticism ever to be playable, the untold story of the Net Yaroze homebrew community, and more. Read the rest


Calendula is a horror game that will stop you from playing it

Laura Hudson

The moment I tried to start the demo for the upcoming horror game Calendula, it broke. "FATAL ERROR," read the pop-up message when I tried to start a new game. "Current video configuration not supported." Read the rest


Black characters in video games must be more than stereotypes of the inhuman

Sidney Fussell

America’s “vision” of the Black male body is one of threat, menace, and labor. Unfortunately, that's exactly how they end up represented in games. Read the rest


PAUSE, a relaxation app from the studio that created Monument Valley

Laura Hudson

The impossible architecture puzzle game Monument Valley is pretty soothing—it's inspired hours of ASMR videos, if that's your jam—but the newest iOS release from Monument Valley developer Ustwo takes things a step further with a straight up relaxation app. Read the rest


I can't believe how much I like this visual novel about playing Starcraft 2

Laura Hudson

You don't have to care about a sport to care about the people who play it. Read the rest


Help a beautiful Japanese-style RPG get made

Leigh Alexander

Skullgirls artist Mariel Cartwright and Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta team up on Indivisible, a neat-looking roleplaying adventure with a unique funding scheme. Read the rest