'I make games, and now I don't need to hide anymore'

Nina Freeman wants you to play what it felt like to be her as a little girl, even for a moment

Subversive games about waitresses and hairdressers

I spent my 20s in the service industry, overworked and underpaid. Why, now, do these games help me relax?

I'm afraid to die in games

We often understand failure in games through the language of death. Why?

The clone that wasn't

Can two designers come up with the exact same idea, entirely by accident?

A chance to give back to a quirky, legendary game developer

I always say I feel as if I was raised by the adventure game creators of the 1980s: Wry, obtuse guys and gals who built impossible caves, surreal worlds and kingly empires for me to play in. They feel like family I've never met. MORE

What if text games were more like Saul Bass sequences?

Jake Elliott, who made Kentucky Route Zero along with Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt, is passionate about the role of text in games -- and he believes typographical choices can make a surprising impact on player experiences. MORE

One woman's hilarious game about the UK's weird porn laws

Designer Holly Gramazio makes games you play in person, at events and installations: non-digital works that use physical spaces. But thanks to a very special set of rules—namely, the long list of sex acts suddenly banned in the United Kingdom—Gramazio was drawn to make a hilarious digital game for the first time. MORE

A comic that reimagines Zelda with an awesome little girl as the hero

What if the green-capped adventurer of the Zelda games was a little girl who lived in a mysterious floating city? MORE

A roleplaying game about ghosts, in just 150 words

I never loved pen and paper games like Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. That kind of play felt like it took everything I liked about fantasy and pretend—being a character, drama and romance, surprises!—and turned it into a spreadsheet that chased friends away. MORE

Cheers, sorry, it's the very British end of the world

Apocalyptic landscapes are beloved to video games, lonesome, evocative worlds that ask players to make much of little—to scour the earth in search of survival, resources and heroism. Something about failed civilization enchants players who might be longing for an escape from the often-ruthless order of life. MORE

This game is like a fortune cookie that makes you wrestle your friends

Want to know your destiny? Then get ready to physically fight with your closest pals. MORE

I can't stop collecting cats in this Japanese smartphone game

Sometimes I can't tell how much of my affection for cats is genuine and how much is the toxoplasmosis talking, but in the end it doesn't matter: I love their silly faces. That's probably why I've fallen for Nekoatsume, an adorable Japanese smartphone game whose name translates as "collecting cats." MORE

Try performing in atmospheric Norse slam poetry competition

MadameBerry has made us a neat toy: EDDA, An atmospheric slam poetry battle based on a collection of Old Norse poetry. Alongside warm firelight in a great hall, you choose how to complete phrases in response to your challenger, with the aim of besting four different types of poets. MORE

Play it now: The Penanggalan

Games made in Puzzlescript have a uniquely-nostalgic feel, beyond the usual endeavor toward 'pixel art'. The Penanggalan resembles a little old Atari game, starring a "floating head and entrails time-traveling vampire." MORE

The disturbing world of bootleg Disney's Frozen games

Maybe you've heard of Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery -- you know, the game where you open the popular Disney princess' skull and extract fashion items from her glittering brain morass for her to wear later. "Once you’re sure she needs a brain surgery, start shaving her gorgeous blonde hair and prepare her for the long surgery hours," the game instructs. MORE

You're a slice of bread that desperately wants to toast itself

There's a secret desire that lingers in the heart of every loaf of bread: to burn. MORE

I can't wait for this Finnish summer death car game

My Summer Car is an upcoming game about building your own vehicle in the reputedly "hot, hot, hot" Finnish summer. It also promises absurd difficulty, lots of death, and all-important physics bugs. Listen to a man with a wonderful accent show you a weirdly-compelling experience: MORE

Who doesn't miss '90s horror games?

Ah, the tech and the aesthetics of 1990s games. The terrible framerates, indistinct faces and rough edges seem eerie today, perfectly recalling the horror games of a bygone age. If you miss it too, you really need to watch this: MORE

This rad Dark Souls remix will save you from the forces of the abyss

One way to trick your 'gamer' friends into listening to better music is to get them started on remixes of video game songs done by cool people. Laura has posted about that hot Hitmane remix of Juicy J with Saria's Song, and today I give you Torahhorse taking a crack at Dark Souls' "Great Gray Wolf Sif." MORE