How card games became cool again

Wildly-popular card game Android: Netrunner has an exceptionally diverse and inviting lore and universe, but its community of players still has to push back against the social stereotypes of the traditional card game scene. Here's how they're doing it.

Play it now: Claw Champion Earth

Battle other kids for dominance over the weirdest and most annoying game in the whole arcade. MORE

Swipe right to discover a new indie game

With over 16,000 indie games available on, it can be hard to figure out what to play. But thanks to the Randomizer, finding a new game is as easy as swiping right. MORE

War without tears

The relationship between video games and violence is healthier than we like to think

Her Story: a compelling murder mystery game with a tragic flaw

This mystery where you solve a crime with a search engine is brilliantly made—but it has one big problem.

Terrorize the seas as the white whale of Moby Dick, but with lasers

Did you enjoy Ecco the Dolphin, but wish it had allowed you to commit mass murder? Then Pequod might be for you. MORE

Mobile game of the week: Prune

Prune is a simple but elegant "digital bonsai" game. It's about trees stretching their limbs slowly toward the light, and how sometimes you must trim parts for the betterment of the whole. MORE

Offworld Monday Reflection: Desert wars, desert horror, and Encarta on acid

I've had an exceptionally good time of games the past week or so. It's been like crawling around inside other people's imaginations. Come along and hear about our best stuff lately! MORE

These cute virtual cartridges prove 'retro' is more than an aesthetic

There's a feeling about old arcade games: The weirdness, the mystery, the sense of intimate congress with a machine. You can't imitate that through 'pixel art' alone, and this fun suite of virtual cartridges gets it exactly right. You'll want to collect them all. MORE

A game about imagined conversations with your ex

You're a totally different person now than you were then, and now there's probably some things you kind of want to explain to them, lingering memories you still feel bad about, things like that. MORE

Play it now: The Old Man Club

Well, this little "The Old Man and the Sea" adaptation, starring brawny arm-wrestlers with fish heads, is brilliant. MORE

Now you can date pigeons on almost any platform

As I write this, one of the city pigeons that has cruelly overtaken our little bird feeder is cooing in a raw, almost threatening way. I guess you ought to check out this game. MORE

This subtle desert horror fiction will haunt you

As you traverse a sparse, meditative desert, you collect the fragments of a strange memoir murmuring against the air, drawing you ever closer to the stark shape of a great pyramid. MORE

Stephen Colbert made a text adventure about getting locked in a closet

Stephen Colbert's new Late Show gig doesn't start till September, so what's he doing in the meantime? According to this game released by his official website, the answer is "stumbling into a closet." MORE

These surreal, unforgettable little works will expand your concept of 'games'

Now is a better time than ever to get acquainted with the prolific, unique works of Jack King-Spooner, whose numerous vignettes combine surreal, textured visual collages and abstract themes with a smooth, easy dream logic. MORE

Stay Woke Bot helps activists explain racism to Twitter randos

Because talking about race on Twitter is an exhausting proposition, unless you are a robot. MORE

Try gay orc dating with Tusks: The Orc Dating Simulator

If you have ever thought of being a male orc adventuring, traveling and bonding with all kinds of other male orcs, this enchanting, refreshing and lovingly-made romance game is for you. MORE

Lose yourself in this trippy, existential interactive picturebook

In this meditative digital adventure, whorled iridescent shapes and glittering contrails that follow your mouse recall the magic of the early web, or some acid-dipped Microsoft Encarta CD-ROM. MORE

Mobile game of the week: Little Inferno

Sometimes you just want the world to burn, especially when it's ending. In Little Inferno, a wintry apocalypse has engulfed the Earth, and you're sitting by a fireplace throwing everything in the flames. MORE

Medical science and creepy conspiracy collide in this futuristic diagnosis game

If you follow the instructions and master the diagnosis equipment, everything will be fine. Or will it? MORE