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Why the classic game still commands so much love (and money)

A trippy program that makes you the DJ of your own art

If you've ever stared slack-jawed at the swirling images of a music visualizer like Winamp, check out Iridescent Configuration, a program where you take control of the lightshow. MORE

This comic makes privilege incredibly easy to understand

One of the clearest depictions you'll ever see of how small advantages can make huge differences. MORE

Spirited Away is still so lovely as an old Nintendo game

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Out of the closet and into the arcade

Watch Gaming in Color, a film exploring the LGBT side of gaming. MORE

In this game, censorship does not mean 'deleting your spiteful internet comments'

The Westport Independent casts you as the clip-happy editor of a newsrag under an oppressive regime, where you decide what goes to print. Can you manage the government threat and still subvert it? MORE

Being student council president at an elite girls school isn't easy

Take one part roleplaying game, one part dating sim, and one part mystery-solving, set it in a traditional elite girls' school, and you'll have Hanako Games' Black Closet, a slightly rough but engaging twist on more than one genre. MORE

A platform game that's invisible until you paint it

The world of Ink begins in darkness. You're a little white square surrounded by what appears to be nothing—until you start painting. MORE

Become a garbage cat who wakes its owner every morning at 3 AM

This game will turn you into your worst nightmare: an annoying cat determined to wake its owner. Press Z to meow and cry all the time. Press X to knead with your dumb little paws. MORE

Play it now: RadOS

Billed as a "modern horror experience", RadOS summons the simultaneously hilarious and nightmarish circumstance of cursing softly at a bright, gooey GUI as you struggle desperately against losing everything. MORE

Why do deer run into traffic, anyway?

Infinideer is a weird little diversion made for the tenth annual Toronto game jam: You are a deer, you gallop into traffic, and you have to cause as much wreckage as you can before you die grossly, which is inevitable. MORE

How making video games can destroy lives

Why are nightmarish hours and constant unpaid overtime considered normal in the world of video games? MORE

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When a game glitches, is it broken—or just opening a door into an unexpected new game? MORE

Solve an occult mystery with two cake-selling trans women in this interactive Twitter story

Starting at 11 am today, you can help choose the path of this New Orleans adventure with your tweets. MORE

Forget the Jem and the Holograms movie, just read the comic

Based on the trailer, the Jem and the Holograms movie looks incredibly disappointing. It's ok. You don't need it. Read the excellent new Jem comic book instead. MORE