A game-making app for everyone?

Game-making apps tend to evolve into intimidating tools aimed at pros. Beginners need something useful to non-coders—and Nintendo has the right idea.

Solve Jimi Hendrix's murder in a game where everyone is Jimi Hendrix

You are Jimi Hendrix, a detective. Officer Jimi Hendrix has called you to the scene of the crime. The victim? Jimi Hendrix. MORE

The unique complications of playing VR games as a trans person

I've heard VR users often say that inhabiting other bodies and other spaces is uniquely liberating, but my colleague Laura Kate Dale sheds light on the fact that embodiment may be complicated for some. MORE

Play it now: Jack MacQwerty

Home row on the raaaaange! I made that up myself. Here's a fun typing game about Western shootouts! MORE

Sign, seal, and deliver mind-numbing form letters in this fun game

Papers, Please's Lucas Pope has us shuffling pen and paper again in the joyfully-bleak Unsolicited, a game about filling in and mailing form letters. MORE

China loves the lingo of games

In honor of games' growing influence on contemporary Chinese vernacular, here are 5 translated phrases to Second Kill your English vocab.

Piracy gave me a future

Poverty traps its victims in intellectual dead zones. I don't pirate games anymore, but when I needed it, it gave me access to the literature and artistic inspiration of my generation.

Interactive movies make their glorious return

In the 90s, games grasped at maturity with "real" video and actors. It was a weird but cult-beloved wrong turn—and we found a game that's revived it beautifully.

Ride this surreal subway line to wonderful places

Subway Adventure is a game where you might find yourself saying, "wait, I think I need to transfer to the green line in order to get to the moon." MORE

Why Cities: Skylines has become the new darling of the city-building genre

Read a beautiful essay on city-building, and the appeal of the eminently-watchable Cities: Skylines. MORE

Become a pharmaceutical industry monster in this striking new simulation game

A new "tycoon"-style game offers a provocative look at the world of making people healthy for profit. MORE

Level cities with your strange squid song

Imagine that one day a giant squid materialized in the sky over a city, singing the song that will end the world. Imagine that you are that squid. MORE

You must hear this rapturous, pastoral and unique game score

Jessica Curry's unforgettable compositions for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture would have topped the UK classical charts this week—but were removed for being an OST (Harry Potter music still allowed, though?). Appreciate this vivid, atmospheric soundtrack anyway. MORE

Everyday Misanthrope, the game about making people miserable

Every interaction with another human being is just another opportunity to make the people around you feel more like you do: absolutely miserable. MORE

Battle your friends in a game inspired by 1980s space anime

The opening screen of Capsule Force feels ripped from the intro to an anime series: a series of stars pinging out a catchy melody in the sky like a series of shining bells. It's a retrofuturistic battle game that wears its love of 1980s space anime on its sleeve, inspired partly by the aesthetics of shows like Macross, Dirty Pair and Galaxy Express 999. MORE

Mobile game of the week: Pac-Man 256

The new Pac-Man is about running from a glitch wave through an endless map while shooting lasers at ghosts. MORE

Read a cool new book on our strange, deep relations with video games

The recently-released Death by Video Game is a a great read for serious fans of games, but also for people who don't really play them—it tackles all the fun questions about violence and obsession, and offers complicated answers. MORE

Mavis Beacon taught you typing. Who was she really?

The model who played the famous software typing tutor had "three-inch" fingernails in her real life, apparently. MORE

Passengers is a game about the human cost of Europe's migrant crisis

You're a smuggler assessing asylum seekers who want to go to Europe. You'll be surprised at how quickly you become an arbiter of human life. MORE

Weird dinosaurs, haberdashery and second-kills

Last week we pastiched some nightmare dinosaurs, learned some Chinese vocabulary, and had a serious chat about piracy and poverty. Make Monday less dreary with wonderful memories of last week. MORE

Poop on everyone as a beautiful seagull

"You poop uncontrollably. Your purpose is to poop on things." MORE

Play the world's largest version of Minesweeper, maybe

In honor of the game's 30th anniversary, you can apply for a chance to clear 38,799 mines from a massive Minesweeper board that stretches across 24 screens—on expert mode. MORE

Play it now: Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs

Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs is a new, vitally-weird project from the brilliant Nathalie Lawhead, part software-driven narrative experience, part horrific dinosaur re-assembly simulation. MORE