A comic about what happens when a magical girl team disbands

What's a team of cosmic high school superheroines supposed to do after they defeat the villain, go back to their normal lives, and start growing apart?

Eczema Orifice Angel collects the lovely, disturbing text games of Porpentine

These critically-acclaimed Twine games have been scattered across the internet like bits of seaglass—until now. MORE

DOG WOLVE shows how game spaces can create cool music videos

Ryan Trawick celebrates a remix of Dragonette's I Get Around ('Here I come with a Big Gulp'?) with a unique and weirdly-fitting virtual space. MORE

Mobile game of the week: Sleep Furiously

Dreams can be impossible to explain, but still make a strange kind of internal sense. So are the sentences you make in Sleep Furiously, a language game where the fun is in threading increasingly absurd sentences together, obeying grammar rules but few others. MORE

Last week on the colony: Monday, July 6

Last Week on the Colony is a new, regular Monday item here on Offworld, a special satellite transmission designed to highlight our favorite Offworld stories, wonderful trends, and the stories from elsewhere in the galaxy that got us talking MORE

The poetry in game-making

From the stylish and courtly competitions of old Japan to the vital and evolving independent game development scene.

How we developed a black woman protagonist who mattered

Diverse characters are important, even in mobile shooters and other surprising genres

Video games without people of color are not 'neutral'

The myth of white neutrality persists in the world of gaming, where black characters in fantasy games can be deemed less "realistic" than dragons.

Changing the conversation around games with fashion and ballet

A high-style photo shoot pays tribute to fluid movement, with a line of gorgeous fashion scarves. Is this really 'video game marketing'? Yes, and more, Mare Sheppard explains. MORE

Play it now: Project Code Glitches, Get Money

Phrases like "making video games for money" and "thesis" are increasingly unnerving these days, even moreso when paired. MORE

This all-girl team of young indie developers just released their first game

The Negatives, seven girls who successfully Kickstarted their summer camp game demo to the tune of over $31,000, just released The Hole Story, a funny fantasy game about digging your way to the truth. MORE

Watch how this beautiful game exhibit helps kids figure out ecosystems

The New York Hall of Science's new Connected Worlds exhibit is a series of six interactive ecosystems that spreads across the walls of its Great Hall, united by a 3000 square foot interactive floor. MORE

7 games you can play with Google Maps

Explore the many trivia, hidden object, shooting and driving games created around Google Maps, from Streetview Zombie Apocalypse to Google Sheep View. MORE

In Maquisard, you solve trouble in a charming, ornate old hotel

Maquisard is a lovely little game of snooping and subversion in a fancy old hotel, inspired by the aesthetic of the grand Wes Anderson film MORE

Play a game whose entire source code fits in a tweet

Tiny Twitch pushes the limits of smallness and simplicity, with code so teeny tiny that you can tweet it. MORE

Play it now: DOLLY

With its smokelike terrain, salmon sun and blood-flecked landscapes, DOLLY is a visually-striking platformer that seems to take place inside a woman's head. MORE

Let this creepy potato be your desktop assistant

What mysterious role does this throbbing, singing potato fulfill in your work environment? MORE

Mobile game of the week: You Must Build a Boat

Enjoy this game about matching tiles so that monsters won't kill you, and tricking out your watercraft. MORE

Play it now: Operations Calibration Droid (OCD)

You're a cute little droid being told by a beautiful computer to perform increasingly difficult, strangely-specific tasks. Each of them requires attention to detail, and you'll be deactivated if you can't manage it. MORE

Sonic the Hedgehog is pretty slow in real life

I'm kind of surprised at myself for being drawn to this video of a real-life hedgehog lumbering cutely through a little handmade Green Hill Zone. I thought Sonic fans had put me off hedgehogs. MORE

Use emoji to make your own playful worlds

The charming visual language and textured, 90s web-era sounds of Emotica make it delightful to create and share your own game spaces made entirely out of emoji. MORE

Nintendo's new Fire Emblem game will have same-sex marriage

The times they are a-changing, even at the venerable Japanese video game publisher. MORE

Boo at the Confederate flag til it burns. It'll probably make you feel better

In BooFlag, just switch on your computer mic and boo at the Confederate flag. As you do, it will slowly be lowered, and eventually it will catch on fire and burn to a little pile of ash. Is it all happening too slowly? MORE