Marvel at the power of a psychic cat

Leigh Alexander

What if, to a cat, the human world looks like a huge failed civilization bisected by unnatural celestial shapes? Read the rest


You are Michael Jackson, and you must defeat Michael Jackson

Leigh Alexander

This two-player Michael Jackson game masters the look and feel of an illegal bargain-bin knockoff from the lost 1980s. Did you know he could transform into a spaceship? Read the rest


Get a wistful, mysterious brain-teaser at a ridiculous discount this week

Leigh Alexander

Road Not Taken, the strange, risky but compelling game from Spry Fox (Triple Town, Alphabear), is 80 percent off, and we think you should check it out. Read the rest


Mess up the practice space while the band keeps playing

Leigh Alexander

At first you're just knocking over, like, cups and tables and band members and stuff, but then you start to play with the sliders. Read the rest


Celebrate the classic Breakout, and then rethink the term 'empathy games'

Leigh Alexander

This week, our partnership with Critical Distance brings us a takedown on 'empathy games' from one of the field's most well-known independent designers, as well as a unique collection of games inspired by the classic Breakout. Read the rest


There's never been a better time to take an adventure 'round the world

Katherine Cross

80 Days' latest update, which coincides with its release for PC and Mac on Steam, richly and lovingly highlights the game's best qualities—the sense of adventure it offers alongside truly unique and diverse characters. What makes it so special? Read the rest

Out of the Damned-2

You have 99 seconds to make art

Laura Hudson

Quick, make something creatively fulfilling before time runs out! Read the rest


The Beginner's Guide is a game that doesn't want to be written about

Laura Hudson

The co-creator of The Stanley Parable has a new game that uses game design space in expressive, subversive ways. Read the rest


1902 trading cards imagine the 'Women of the Future'

Laura Hudson

Way back in 1902, a French manufacturer released a set of trading cards designed by artist Albert Bergeret that imagined the "women of the future." The cards envisioned women stepping into roles that would have seemed fantastical to most ladies at the time: doctor, lawyer, politician, firefighter, even members of the military. Although there's a […] Read the rest


Wheels of Aurelia, a girls' road trip, may be my favorite game of 2015 so far

Leigh Alexander

The driving hardly matters at all. I love Lella. If I'd known her I would have gone to France with her in a heartbeat. Read the rest


The new face of Pokémon is butts

Laura Hudson

Historically, the Pokémon franchise has focused its merchandising efforts on the parts of Pokémon characters that were not their butts. But that's about to change, thanks to a new wave of toys, charms and other assorted swag from Japan that will finally allow you to catch them all. All of the butts. There are so […] Read the rest


Home Free wants to make you a stray dog in the big city

Laura Hudson

It's not easy living in the big city, especially when you're a lost dog. Read the rest


The geometric horror game Euclidean is Lovecraft levels of scary

Laura Hudson

Tentacles made of cubes reach for you from within the watery abyss. "You're not supposed to be here," an unseen being informs you as you descend into the first level of the game Euclidean. Deep sea creatures made of shapes swarm, pulse and strain around you—and soon, they notice you. "Everything here will kill you," […] Read the rest

ezgif-4244212175 (1)

The Mercator Puzzle reminds you how deceptive maps can be

Laura Hudson

The Earth is round, and maps are flat. While we have may mapped nearly every inch of our world, figuring out how to translate that information from three dimensions to two remains a problem. Read the rest


This puzzle game makes me want to learn about opera

Laura Hudson

I've never watched an opera before, but the new iOS game Magic Flute by Mozart makes me want to. Read the rest


Wil Wheaton on voice acting and the virtues of therapy through Mario Kart

Critical Distance

Greetings, Offworlders! We're proud to team up with our friends at Critical Distance to bring you a special digest edition of their popular This Week in Videogame Blogging feature, showcasing games discussion from all around the web. This week, a therapist shares her successes getting through to young patients through Mario Kart, actor Wil Wheaton […] Read the rest

read only memories

Read Only Memories breathes life into queer characters in Neo San Francisco

Katherine Cross

The forthcoming game Read Only Memories stars a queer guest from the future who finds hope amidst a cyberpunk dystopia. Read the rest


This Metal Gear Solid spoof is heavy on the 'snake'

Leigh Alexander

Imagine you are playing the classic arcade game Snake against your friend, except the "snakes" are Solid Snake and Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Well, your imagination is real.

Read the rest


For disabled players, Twitch offers community and a second income

Leigh Alexander

A new profile in The Guardian gets to know young women with ability challenges who are earning money and raising charitable funds via online streaming service Twitch. Read the rest


Listen to the new Portal song by Jonathan Coulton

Laura Hudson

While delightful on their own terms, the icing on the cake of the Portal games has always been the songs by Jonathan Coulton that play over their end credits. Read the rest


Pay what you want for these great indie games and play all weekend

Laura Hudson

If you've got a few bucks and some time to burn this weekend, there's a bundle of worthwhile indie games that can help you pass the time for the affordable price of pay-what-you-want. Read the rest


Have a Twin Peaks dance-off with a sobbing Leland Palmer

Leigh Alexander

Hey, Twin Peaks fans: Do you want to play Dance Dance Revolution with Leland Palmer? Yeah you do. Read the rest


No gay nudity on Twitch, but blue alien boobs are fine

Leigh Alexander

The popular streaming service has a disappointing set of standards for its sexual content policy. Read the rest


Adorable toys for Nekoatsume, your favorite Japanese cat game

Laura Hudson

In the charming, compulsively playable Japanese iOS game Nekoatsume (aka Cat Collector), you spend a lot of time acquiring virtual toys to attract a coterie of virtual cats to your virtual backyard. But now it seems that there are actual Nekoastume toys for corporeal humans as well, and there's a way to buy them—even if […] Read the rest


In Undertale, you can choose to kill monsters — or understand them

Laura Hudson

What if your enemy doesn't want to fight you? Read the rest


Help this girl band survive its breakup, a trippy forest, and a wall of Harry Potters

Leigh Alexander

An intensely strange, wonderful and substantial MSPaint adventure lets you switch among friends to solve offbeat puzzles. Read the rest


Try a stylish, Saul Bass-inspired two-player duel

Leigh Alexander

I don't know what the name means, but NotDOBA looks stylish. Read the rest


I can't stop touching this minimalist, mysterious puzzle game

Leigh Alexander

Simogo's new game is a clever, compelling puzzle about splitting squares. But the crafty, beloved studio might have more in store... Read the rest


Babymetal is coming to Rock Band 4, so let's listen to Babymetal

Laura Hudson

The Babymetal song "Gimme Chocolate!!" will be available as a bonus track for the soon-to-be-released Rock Band 4 if you preorder the game on Xbox One, which is important because: Babymetal. Read the rest


A game where you catch lightning bugs until the sun comes up

Laura Hudson

Lightning bugs are a sort of magic when you're young, the kind that feels like it escaped from the halls of Hogwarts and somehow reclassified itself as science under the cover of darkness. It's the sort of memory that tends to stay vivid: the moment when you cupped a firefly inside your hands and watched […] Read the rest