All the women I know in video games are tired

But it's not for the reasons you think.

Cobra Club is a game about dick pics and state surveillance

Explore the genital selfie as a consensual act of self-worth, and a demand for sexual and information privacy. MORE

These text games are strange, beautiful and essential

Porpentine's dystopian interactive fiction gets collected in a bundle called Eczema Orifice Angel. MORE

Apply for a Legend of Zelda college scholarship

Are you a college student who embodies the virtues of the Triforce and needs five hundred bucks for school? MORE

I clicked one of those 'sexy' browser game ads so you don't have to

We've all seen them; Ads featuring computer-generated women (or occasionally Kate Upton), promising a uniquely sexy game experience. I tried it. Wanna know what it was like?

The vast, unplayable history of video games

We face a practical -- and cultural -- archiving crisis unprecedented in any other medium. It's time to change that.

The whispery world of ASMR enters virtual reality

For the first time, ASMR experiences are pioneering beyond simple soft talk.

This fresh, romantic take on Solitaire will have you hooked

Imagine the card game of Solitaire, except it's about Victorian courtship, and you can win fancy dresses and decorate your ballroom and also unlock clever and challenging new twists on the game design. I KNOW. No seriously you have got to play this I'm not kidding. MORE

Play this creepy, charming girl detective game

It's hard to be scary and adorable at the same time, but Jenny LeClue pulls it off. MORE

I don't really 'get' this game, but I like it

My pal Cameron Kunzelman made this game called Epanalepsis, where three different characters 20 years apart walk around and talk about the things they see. I'm not sure I understand it, but I'm experiencing such excellent dissonance between what the game seems to be and what it says it is that I almost love it more. MORE

A dungeon game within an experimental documentary book

The author of This Book Is A Dungeon [This Dungeon Is A Book] describes his new project as "a multi-format creative experiment that merges the worlds of game design, interactive fiction, indie authorship, and self-publishing together in one crazy project." MORE

This upcoming horror game looks really, really scary and everyone's excited

Horror video games have definitely lost something in recent years thanks to commercial constraints and a culture shift toward direct action and away from mystery—which is why promising new ones get genre fans' enthusiasm way up. MORE

Having Vin Diesel as your dungeon master is really soothing

What would it be like to have actor Vin Diesel gently and encouragingly DM a game of Dungeons & Dragons for you? Thanks to a new Twine game, you don't have to guess, and the result is joyful. MORE

Turn your screen into a playable Super Mario level

Translate a screenshot into the familiar bricks and clouds of Super Mario, and then set a certain plumber loose to roam. MORE

A trippy program that makes you the DJ of your own art

If you've ever stared slack-jawed at the swirling images of a music visualizer like Winamp, check out Iridescent Configuration, a program where you take control of the lightshow. MORE

This comic makes privilege incredibly easy to understand

One of the clearest depictions you'll ever see of how small advantages can make huge differences. MORE

Spirited Away is still so lovely as an old Nintendo game

This 8-bit tribute to the greatest Studio Ghibli movie transforms the magic of Miyazaki into pixels. MORE

Out of the closet and into the arcade

Watch Gaming in Color, a film exploring the LGBT side of gaming. MORE

In this game, censorship does not mean 'deleting your spiteful internet comments'

The Westport Independent casts you as the clip-happy editor of a newsrag under an oppressive regime, where you decide what goes to print. Can you manage the government threat and still subvert it? MORE

Being student council president at an elite girls school isn't easy

Take one part roleplaying game, one part dating sim, and one part mystery-solving, set it in a traditional elite girls' school, and you'll have Hanako Games' Black Closet, a slightly rough but engaging twist on more than one genre. MORE

A platform game that's invisible until you paint it

The world of Ink begins in darkness. You're a little white square surrounded by what appears to be nothing—until you start painting. MORE

The occult gambling game giving out amulets of real gold

What in the unknown world is Jason Rohrer up to now? MORE